RSA Pre-Algebra – Instruction Manual

Negative numbers, order of operations, solving for the unknown, and other topics.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a part of a set – DVD’s, and or, DIGITAL PACK (DP) is required.


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Negative numbers, order of operations, solving for the unknown, and other topics.


Click here to do the – Pre-Algebra Placement Test (0.2 MB)


  • A Instruction Manual with lesson-by-lesson instructions and full solutions


  • Lesson 1 Negative Numbers, Addition
  • Lesson 2 Negative Numbers, Subtraction
  • Lesson 3 Negative Numbers, Multiplication
  • Lesson 4 Negative Numbers, Division and Integers, Number Line
  • Lesson 5 Exponents (Indices)
  • Lesson 6 Place Value with Expanded and Exponential Notation
  • Lesson 7 Negative Numbers, Exponents
  • Lesson 8 Roots and Radicals
  • Lesson 9 Solve for an Unknown with Additive Inverse
  • Lesson 10 Pythagorean Theorem
  • Lesson 11 Associative and Commutative Property
  • Lesson 12 Distributive Property
  • Lesson 13 Solve for an Unknown with Multiplicative Inverse
  • Lesson 14 Solve for an Unknown with Order of Operations
  • Lesson 15 Surface Area of Solids
  • Lesson 16 Transform Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Lesson 17 Transform Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Lesson 18 Absolute Value
  • Lesson 19 Ratio and Proportion
  • Lesson 20 Similar polygons
  • Lesson 21 Least Common Multiple and Prime Factorization
  • Lesson 22 Greatest Common Factor
  • Lesson 23 Polynomials, Addition
  • Lesson 24 Volume of a Cylinder
  • Lesson 25 Polynomials, Multiplication
  • Lesson 26 Adding and Subtracting Time and the Same Difference Theorem
  • Lesson 27 Volume of a Cone and a Pyramid
  • Lesson 28 Twenty-Four Hour Time, Addition and Subtraction
  • Lesson 29 Hectare
  • Lesson 30 Irrational Numbers and the Square Root Formula, Real Numbers
  • Solutions and Test Solutions
  • Tables and Glossary
  • Index

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a part of a set – the DVD’s are required.

The FULL set of 4 Math-U-See books, per level, is comprised of:

  • Instruction Manual
  • DVD’s
  • Student Book
  • Test book
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