Special Price – Big Red

NOTE: The Special Price BIG RED books are available to you at this special price due to the following.

They have not passed the quality check on the manufacturing and they were printed after the final ‘proof read’ and not ‘final edit’ so there could be some minor typo’s, dots and dashes where they should not be, and possibly even some words which have been merged due to digital editing software.

We have put a little note into each book which attracts this ‘special price’. The note suggests you use this as an opportunity for your children to ‘be editors’ as they read the book and find the errors, or, if the book is going to be used as a read aloud then the errors can be ‘auto corrected’ as the reading takes place.


Availability: 9 in stock


Please note: This title is a required book for Tan LLATL program, as it is used in one of the four book studies.

From the moment Danny sees the beautiful Irish setter, he knows Red is the dog for him. Soon neither boy nor dog can stand to be apart. Together they face many dangers in the harsh Wintapi wilderness that they call home. But the greatest test of their courage and friendship will come from an enemy more cunning than any they’ve known before… “A new appreciation for our environment was gained as we learnt many new life skills while reading this novel.”

Weight 340 g

Damaged, New

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