Better Late Than Early, eBook (PDF – READ ONLY)

A book which shows that early schooling may not be the answer in terms of education.


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PLEASE NOTE: Non-printable, Read Only. Due to copyright, this eBook is limited to one per family. Multiple duplications of this resource is strictly forbidden.

It has been brought to our awareness that eBooks are being purchased and then used for many families. We are sure you appreciate that this can impact very negatively on the developers and distributors, which could result in depletion of incoming funds. This could then result in them being unable to support or provide this resource.

Thank you for your understanding and respect of the above mentioned.

Book Review

This is a famous book by Moores, Raymond and Dorothy. They are specialists and experts in their field of education and most specifically home education (Homeschooling). I have a very special little testimony to share with you about this book.

A grandmother who homes educated (Homeschooled) her five children here in South Africa read this book after her children had left home and were married and starting their own families. She said to me, “Sonja, please would you see to it that every parent that you provide resources to, you provide this book as well.” If she had read this book at the beginning years of her home education (Homeschooled) of her five children, it would have been very, very supportive to her and she wouldn’t have made some of the mistakes she believes she made. She even stressed that she would make this book compulsory. So, that speaks for itself but the title on its own also speaks for itself. Obviously this book is promoting not to race and push and have a stressful approach to home education (Homeschooling) by pushing children into learning when they not ready.


A book which shows that early schooling may not be the answer in terms of education.

It offers a wealth of evidence from sociologists, child psychiatrists, developmental psychologists, etc. that early schooling may, in fact, be harmful, and offers a new approach to your child’s education.
If your child has been in an educational system which did not suit his/her character and learning style, this would be a good book to read. It will help you understand how important it is not to push children in areas in which they are not ready, thus avoiding creating unnecessary learning problems.

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