Around the World in 180 Days – Parent Book

This multilevel course does allow you to cover a lot of ground. Geography, history, religion, culture and current events are covered for all grade levels on a continent-by-continent basis.


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Book Review

This is a multi-grade guide for the study of world history and culture,

What is wonderful about this resource is that it gives you an opportunity as a parent to give your children a greater worldview, as it takes you continent by continent, sharing basic history, religions, and cultures. The most important thing we have found to be of value when doing this with our children is going continent by continent and country by country. For example, when researching Africa we found major rivers, lakes, deserts, mountain ranges, cities etc, which exposed our children to the general knowledge of these places. This also brings awareness to the needs of that continent, so what happened is we actually ended up using 180 days as a prayer prompt. We would, while studying a specific country, look at their needs, as in their lack, so we could be more specific in praying for that country’s needs.

On a practical level for me as a Mom, it was a wonderful resource, whereby I didn’t need to go spend time on Google and source the information for each country, such as main cities, or their largest export and import, as all the answers to those questions and facts for each country are compiled in this one resource.

The other thing I would like to share with you about 180 days is that the lady who wrote it is actually a Grandmother who home educated (Homeschooled) all her children, not sure how many, but is around 6 or so, and she now has many grandchildren who are being blessed by this. This Grandmother put this resource together to save home educating (Homeschooling) Moms time from having to source all the information now contained in the parent book. It is also for all ages, so you only need one parent book and then however many student books you need for each one of your children.


This multilevel course does allow you to cover a lot of ground. Geography, history, religion, culture and current events are covered for all grade levels on a continent-by-continent basis. The two-volume set includes the Teacher’s Guide and a Student Workbook, both softcover with a similar format. The student must do research to find the answers to various questions. The author suggests books and textbooks use for research, and important people to find out about. Answers to the questions are recorded on the worksheets. Other interesting and pertinent information can be placed in the binder as well. Thankfully, answers to the questions are included in the study guide.

The order of study is not the typical Northern Africa – Eastern Asia – Europe – North America sequence that you normally find elsewhere.


Suggested study time to cover the guide in a one-year period would be as follows:

  • Africa, 6 weeks
  • Australia, 3-4 weeks
  • Antarctica, 2 weeks
  • South America, 5-6 weeks
  • Asia, 6-7 weeks
  • Europe, 6-7 weeks
  • North America, 4-5 weeks


Each unit begins with geography questions and terms to research, and continues to map work; outlining the continent, drawing major physical features (rivers, mountains, deserts, lakes, etc.), and marking countries and cities. In addition to answering questions about history, religion, culture and current events, students are also given writing and speaking assignments. To make the product useful for a wide grade range, questions which are too difficult for younger students are marked UE for upper elementary, JH for junior high, or HS for high school. Although the study as a whole is designed for all grades, the workbook is geared for students in 4th-5th grade and up. Suggestions for teaching grades K-4 are included in the Teacher’s Guide. Obviously, any attempt to cover geography and history on seven continents from Creation through modern times in one year for all grade levels with a 180-page study guide will only scratch the surface. This study will give a good overview of world geography, hit highlights of world history, and give some basic insights into various cultures. Use it as a framework to build in whatever direction you choose.

This is not a textbook. It is a series of questions that the student must research in order to be able to answer them. Plenty of resources (available on Google) are listed to help the student in his or her research, and the parent’s edition has all the answers. Thus, even if the student cannot find the answer, you will not be lost.

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