A Tree is Nice

“Trees are very nice,” says Janice May Udry in her first book for children. She goes on to explain that even one tree is nice, if it is the only one you happen to have.


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“Trees are very nice,” says Janice May Udry in her first book for children. She goes on to explain that even one tree is nice, if it is the only one you happen to have.

Some of the reasons why trees are so good to have around are funny. Some are indisputable facts. But in all of them there is a sense of poetic simplicity and beauty which will be sure to entrance any young child. Whether he knows one tree or many, he will relish the descriptions of the delights to be had in, with, or under a tree.

Marc Simont’s joyous pictures, half of them in full color, accentuate the child-like charm of the words. And each painting of a tree or trees shows just how very nice they can be.

Please Note

The additional readers are the ‘picture books’ for you to read to your child throughout the programme. Once you’ve read one of these picture book stories to your child, then he/she will do an activity based on that story in their student workbook.

Once your child has finished the reading programme, he/she will be able to read those same “additional readers” which you read to them during the teaching process. I found that my children had favorites from these readers after having read to them. They would later read the books themselves and we would also use them as reference books for illustration/art examples.

Some parents choose to use picture story books they already have at home, or from the library, so as to avoid having to buy these additional readers. This then requires the parent to adapt the activity in the student book to suit the story which the parent has chosen to read instead of using the story selected from the “additional readers” selection. It is preferable not to do this, as it requires extra work for the parent which could be avoided if one uses the suggested “additional readers” for the programme.

We have them indicated as additional because in some cases, parents already have these classic titles in their homes. It is for this reason that they are not being sold as a pack/set and rather being offered as individual additional books. Furthermore we do not offer them as a complete set because occasionally, a particular title may be unavailable for a period (in which case a parent has no option but to use an alternative story for that particular lesson). Don’t be too concerned about this because once you are working with the programme, you will find that it is easily possible.

We hope you enjoy teaching your children to read! Please keep it stress free and fun so as to help your children experience the thrill and joy of reading.

Sonja Wood


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