Oikos in Children’s Homes DVD

This presentation offers a comprehensive overview of ‘Oikos as a whole’ to support families who seek to gain a greater understanding of the fullness of the Oikos lifestyle and all that it has to offer.

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Oikos in Children’s Homes was filmed, while co-founder of Oikos Family Ministries, Sonja Wood, presented the Oikos lifestyle to Children’s Home Principal and Teachers.  It is the hope of Oikos that this presentation serves to aid the many Families, Children and Mission Homes, in raising and educating the children entrusted to their care.

The following topics are covered:

  • The heart, vision and purpose of Oikos Family Ministries
  • A broad visual presentation of the resources provided by Oikos to assist and aid in the full outworking of the purpose
  • Focus on each product category, with descriptions and how-to guide
  • Bringing the whole package together
  • Full wrap-up

Table of Contents

  • Episode 01: Bible Studies
  • Episode 02: KONOS – Character Training
  • Episode 03: Language Studies
  • Episode 04: Moore McGuffey Readers
  • Episode 05: Literature
  • Episode 06: Math-U-See
  • Episode 07: Science
  • Episode 08: Conclusion

Running Time

55 minutes.

Also available on the Oikos YouTube channel

  • Note: damaged/clearance products are non-refundable or returnable.
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