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Are Math-U-See lessons available online?

Yes, you can now obtain ‘Lifetime Access’ by streaming the instruction videos and online South African version Instruction Manual & lesson solutions. As well as the USA – Skip Count Songs MP3s and Songbook PDFs, and other online resources from any browser. You’ll also have access to the Math-U-See Digital Manipulatives.

Access begins at time of online purchase or redemption of access code.

How do you access these online video lessons ?

After you purchase your digital pack (DP) you will receive an email with your access code. Please allow a minimum of 48hrs for activation.

Note: Digital Packs do not include Student Workbook or Tests.

Important Special IP Note

Dear Parent, We are so pleased to be able to offer you this digital product for your convenience and support. You most likely are aware that due to this being a digital product it therefore requires your email address and access code. We would like to stress the importance of you not sharing your access for this product. We bring this to your attention for your own security, your long term records of your usage of this digital product as well as respect of the intellectual property (IP) of the creators, authors, developers and distributors. Thank you for your understanding and regard of this, it is much appreciated.

Why has the price of the Math-U-See blocks increased?

A story you should read regarding this.

A few months ago we heard the news that we would not be able to import the Math-U-See manipulative blocks. This of course was a great concern, so we prayed. We prayed most specifically for the Math-U-See team in USA because they were dealing with a supply shortage which had multiple ripple effects on them and the people. So we prayed.

When our (Oikos) stock of manipulative sets starting running low we started praying for you, the parents whom we serve and supply these resources too. A few months later i wrote a letter to share the sadness of us no longer being able to supply the blocks. The day i was going to send that letter i received word from Math-U-See USA that they could send us some (50 to be exact) block sets. These block sets are referred to as IBK’s. (Integer Block Kit). We were delighted that we would be able to keep supplying you but we did continue to pray as we wondered what would happen when the 50 IBK’s, which we were now able to get from USA, were sold.

This part of the story is where it hits the parents……sadly. Although we have managed to get more IBK’s in stock the cost to do so has resulted in a price increase of 25% !!!

We are saddened by this reality but we had to make a decision…25% increase or no IBK’s. We were so very glad that Math-U-See USA were able to supply us with the 50 IBK’s so we accepted the increase and began the import process. Now however we are faced with the decision once again as we are able to receive another 50 sets but once again the price increase will be 25%.

So this letter is to inform you that we have decided to proceed with getting more blocks so that we can continue to supply you with this valuable resource but we will need to increase the price of the blocks, so as to be able to import these blocks. We have managed to adjust the increase to be 21% instead of the 25% that we have incurred. (Truth be known, the increase to Oikos was significantly more but we were so heart sore to add even the 21% to the blocks. We now trust and hope that we can sustain these increases)

Signing off with a bitter sweet feeling in my heart. Happy that we can keep supplying you and sad about the increase.

Can we please have the Math-U-See student books spiral bound?

Unfortunately we cannot go back to the original spiral bound books.

Math-U-See converted from the spiral bound books to glue bound a few years back and consequently they require us to do the same as this is their curriculum, not ours. We only distribute so we must follow their requirements. They have advanced and made big improvements to the binding and believe this is now a better way to present the books.

We held off for as long as possible to not go glue binding but eventually we had to keep up with their developments and had no choice but to move across to glue binding.

What parents are doing about this is when the child is at the start of the book they place a book under the front cover to have the book evenly laid on the table. When the child is in the middle it is no longer difficult and then when they get near the lessons at the end you place a book under the back cover to have the book lay level again. This seems to be satisfactory.

This video here. we hope will answer this question for you.

How do I know what level to start my child at with Oikos?

We have placement tests for you on the website. (assessing your own child)

You, the parent, do the assessments, language, maths, and so on, with your child and discover where their ability and skill levels are and thereafter you are able to make informed decisions as to which books to get for them.

We, here at Oikos, do not presume to know what skill level each of your children are at. They may have come out of school and out of a specific grade level but that does not automatically mean they have understanding on all that they have learnt in that grade level. Because you are home educating you have the privilege and advantage of being able to place them at the level which is appropriate to their abilities rather than their age or grade.

Remember, schools do grades, at home you no longer need to follow grade levels. Oikos resources are colour coded not graded. We have put on the site next to the titles what the general level of that book would be if your reference is grades, simply to give you an idea of the content level but bear in mind that a second language english speaking child could be doing Red LLATL, being around grade 2 level, when that child is 10, 11, 12 or older. So we are not going to say they must do the grade 2 language book but rather the “RED” LLATL book. So you can see by this example why we leave it up to the parent to establish the level their children are at in each area of learning. We hope you will also find it helpful to watch the video production we have done on placements.

This video helps take you through the assessment steps.

What Math-U-See books do I need to purchase for my children?

There are placement tests for a parent to establish the skill level of the student.

You will notice the Math-U-See curriculum is colour coded and goes according to the greek alphabet, Primer, Alpha, Beta… and so on.

It is advisable that you begin the assessments a few grade levels below the child’s current grade. This will build confidence for the child and also help the parent have more insight into areas of difficulty which the child may be experiencing. Furthermore it is a good idea for a parent to place the child a level lower than the results of the placement tests, to ensure a solid foundation before moving on through the programme.

It is irrelevant which book they start at. What is relevant however, is their skill level and ability. Please watch the placement video which you will find in the math-u-see category on the Oikos site.

Watch the video here. regarding assessments to place your child at their correct skill level.

Does Math-U-See take a student to Matric level maths?

Yes, Math-U-See does take a student to Matric level, grade 12 and grade 13.

However, depending on the exam to be taken, be it South African Matric or Cambridge AS (grade 12) or another at that level, it may require a student to prepare specifically because of the different way in which the ‘maths language’ is presented. Furthermore a student may have covered, for example, calculus to a certain level (grade 12) but the exam may have more content on calculus than the student has possibly practised because they may have spent more time on trigonometry for example.

So although Math-U-See most definitely takes students up to a grade 12/13 level of maths education, what must be kept in perspective is the current standard of Matric and maths language interpretations, etc.

Can I do Math-U-See with only the Manipulative’s App?

In short, the physical blocks are of utmost importance to the Math-U-See programme, and the app is merely an additional accompaniment.

With the recent release of the Manipulative’s App from Math-U-See there has been some confusion about whether this is a replacement for the physical blocks.

Here is Math-U-See’s answer to this question…

"We now offer both physical and digital manipulatives. Digital Manipulatives are designed to make learning mobile and to supplement our physical manipulative’s. Most users find that the physical manipulatives provide a fuller and richer experience, however some find that virtual manipulatives can be more useful when traveling or illustrating certain concepts like addition of negative numbers. The physical manipulatives are the primary tool and an integral part of the Math-U-See instructional method. They have helped students be successful in math for almost 25 years. Digital manipulatives have the added advantage, however, of being convenient when on the go and helpful in building large problems. We recommend that the digital manipulatives be used as an additional tool to enhance instruction. Educational researchers are still evaluating the use of digital manipulatives in math instruction; we will continue to follow this research in our efforts to provide the best quality products, both physical and digital."

Seth Dunham – Director of Sales, Math-U-See


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